We are lucky to work with a great company like 801GUN. They actually made a trip to our facility before they decided to sell our product. Makes me even happier to see that they put customers first. 

Shooter lube

Thank you so much for your customer service and following up!

Pansy V.

The quality and price points of the team at 801Gun are unbeatable, truly an American company with American values.

Spencer F.

I ordered multiple tshirts as gifts a few days before Christmas. I had a tracking number emailed to me a few hours after my purchase. The 801GUN team really went out of their way to make sure I got them just in time. 

Kelly S.

Our Goal

We have made it our goal to bring you the best products with the highest quality that wont break the bank. Because of our passion for firearms we understand the importance of having gear that lasts a lifetime and will never let you down. Feel confident as you shop knowing that quality is never a compromise. Show your love for our country and the freedoms we enjoy, the majority of products that you will see here are Made In America.