Equipping Modern Patriots - The Aftermath by Jonathan Hollerman

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In the riveting sequel to the Amazon Top Ten Bestseller, EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots- A Story of Survival, Jonathan Hollerman masterfully paints a realistic world of chaos and despair and an incredible will to survive in the aftermath of a nationwide, long-term, grid down scenario. 
When the retreat where Sean and Maria reside suddenly grows exponentially, they must make tough decisions on splitting up and dividing their resources. Unknowingly, this leaves them vulnerable to a new, much larger threat that looms nearby. 
The devastation of America is also revealed through the eyes of a new character, Lt. Col. Bruce Harris, Commander, 31st Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. Colonel Harris is tasked with restoring electricity to the small town of Warren, PA, reestablishing order to the area, and tracking down a rogue platoon of Army Rangers that are reportedly pillaging the countryside. All is not as it seems though, and his orders will have life-changing consequences that leave him questioning where his true loyalty lies.

About the Author

Jonathan Hollerman is a former US Air Force SERE Instructor and expert on survival and prepping. Jonathan works full-time as an Emergency Preparedness Consultant at Grid Down Consulting helping his clients prepare for the looming breakdown of our fragile society. He has assisted clients from the most basic preppers to designing and supplying fully off-grid retreats including a full retreat for a professional athlete. With his extensive knowledge and actual retreat design experience, Jonathan has insights and recommendations that some of the other other survival “experts” only theorize about.