Ace Dri-Matrix Inside Waistband Holster

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The ACE Dri-Matrix™ holster, or ADM, combines our patent-pending Dri-Matrix™ breathable backer technology with elements of our popular holster, the ACE-1. 

  • Versatility - The ADM is available now for over 300 different handgun models!
  • Breathable - Our patent-pending Dri-Matrix™ wicks moisture away from your body, while keeping your gun safe and dry.
  • Comfort - Our Dri-Matrix™ backers feature variable thickness, 3D Mesh to make it the most comfortable holster on the market today.

Previously our Dri-Matrix™ technology was only available for a handful of our most popular pistol models, but now, with the ADM, it's available for over 300 different handgun models, with support for weapon mounted lights and lasers coming very soon.