AR500 Steel Jumping Targets

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  • The most interactive gun target on the market: target you can see, hear, and watch it move to react to your shots. Great challenge for both amateurs and advanced shooters
  • Our 4.75" target was made with the 300-caliber shooter in mind. It is also designed to react upon impact from larger bore rifles like the .308, 30-06, .338, and 6.5 mm
  • Bigger panels and increased weight of our 4.75 in. shooting target will make practicing with a long-range high power rifle like 308 and .306 fun
  • Our 3.5 in. AR500 steel target is engineered to react with common defense handgun calibers like 9mm, .45
  • Since it's made from 3/8” AR500 armor plate it also reacts perfectly with smaller center fire rifle calibers like .223, 7.62X39, and is tough enough to take hits from .308 and 30-06
  • Our 2.5 in. target is ideal for use with .22 rim fire bullets. Each direct hit will result in the target jumping over to present another target face
  • Our AR500 armor plate in 2.5'' target will also stand up to impacts from common defense handgun calibers. Calibers like .9mm and .45 will make the target jump
  • Spend more time shooting and less time setting up your targets. Our patented revolutionary design allows you to fire multiple shots without resetting. And bright target spots make the target easy to see in any terrain.

The Ar500 steel difference
Because of cost or ignorance there are steel targets out there made of inferior steel and are often poorly designed. Local to large manufacturers can be the cause, but because these targets are subject to craters, pits, and other deformations they can be very dangerous and should be avoided for safety reasons. Any steel with a rating under 400 (Brinell rating) including the popular T-1 steel.
Choosing the proper steel is only half of the equation. A good design is just as important as the right steel. Some manufacturers use brackets, clamps, or bolts in trying to hold their target together. Remember, anything that can be hit, will be hit eventually. Why is this an issue? Because you can do a reasonable job of predicting and protecting against a bullet's splatter pattern when it hits a flat, uniform surface. If the steel is damaged or if anything else is in the way, then you cannot know where the bullet is going. Bullet fragmentation and ricochet are inherent and acknowledged issues when shooting on steel targets. Proper target design helps you address those issues with the highest degree of safety possible. Our targets present a target at a 90 degree angle, and have a calculated ricochet angle of 20 degrees, ensuring that you have a safe as well as enjoyable experience using our targets.
All of our targets are made with these facts in mind, and all are AR 500 steel targets. In short --they're meant to last!