Why I Carry

#whyicarry some of you know but some of you don’t. 10 years ago I was robbed and shot on the side of the road in Arizona. I stared down the barrel of a gun in the hand of a criminal who’s full intent was to take my life. I also understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment and the role it plays in the Bill of Rights these documents were written for our time and generations to come. It is our insurance policy against tyrannical governments foreign and domestic and to protect our families, friends, people around us, property and the liberty of all. I will never be a victim again because I carry!



 I carry because I’m a father who knows what’s lurking around every corner just waiting for an opportunity to cause harm. After 25 years of law enforcement experience, I know what real response times are . As a retired law enforcement officer I feel it is my duty to be prepared to come to the aid of another citizen if I encounter a situation where I could protect someone from harm.
My family have suffered losses in protecting these god given rights in protection of this country, to not use the rights so many died would be a disgrace and shame in my opinion!

Donavon Thornton


#whyicarry 🇺🇸 Let me just start by saying this: The reason as to why I carry a firearm is simply because I am not a fan of being a victim. As a law abiding citizen, I refuse to be left defenseless. Our founding fathers have built this country from the ground up and it’s our duty to protect it and The Constitution. NONE of our rights shall be infringed by any means! With that being said, I’ve got a story to tell if you care to listen... Roughly two years ago I was driving home from a friend’s house around 3am, as I was sitting at a red light on an intersection there was no one on the road. I look both ways before making a right turn and I noticed down the road on my left that there were headlights coming this way and before I knew it he ran the red light. After that I then take a right and go on about my way, until he sees me behind him and decides to slow down, he got behind me and rode my rear end. Now mind you, I’m driving my old beat up Dodge Dakota at the time with no horses under the hood to be able to speed from this guy. I try to switch lanes but he continues to ride my tale, once we get to a red light I see the reflection of the street light shine across my dash, I look in my rear view mirror and see his door swing open and noticed that he’s got a gun in his left hand. At that point my heart stopped and I started to panic, In desperate need for help I managed to spot a female officer sitting at a light in her patrol unit and I frantically got her attention to try and get this piece of work off my tale! Anyways, long story short she managed to take matters into her own hands. I don’t know what happened at that point, through my experiences... Your life is valuable, don’t let anyone take away your right to protect yourself. Don’t mistake security over liberty.



I carry because I love those around me, and I have a different view on how to keep them safe. I chose to be the protector, not the middle man between police and someone willing to do harm. 



 -Jim Taylor-


Family. I have a tough son who needs an awesome role model, a darling (if crazy wife), and the cutest little girl in the world. Serve and protect my family is what I do.



Why I carry? I carry because there are a lot of people in this world that I love, a lot of people in this world who are amazing, loving, nice people who are defenseless and deserve to have somebody looking out for them. You never know what could happen out there, it’s proven every day. Don’t be the one walking around acting as if everything is going to be alright because you’ll never know when you’re the target of somebody with bad intentions. Stay vigilant, be prepared. It might just be the difference between seeing your loved ones tomorrow or not. #whyicarry

 -Shane Smith-


#whyicarry I carry to protect myself, those I care about and love, and the people around me. Evil exists and it's foolish to think "that will never happen to me". Similar to why we wear seatbelts. Not because we plan on getting in a crash, but just in case we do. It's nobody's responsibility to protect you but your own.



#whyicarry Is pretty simple. I carry because I’m responsible for my own protection, the safety of my property. And the protection of loved ones. Also because it’s a god given right to defend yourself from evil.



This is #whyicarry I choose not to be a victim. I choose not to let the people I love become victims. It is my right. If you choose not to carry, that is your right. I will not make you, nor will I support any effort to try to make you. #respectmyrights and I will respect yours. I carry to protect my family, my friends, and like it or or not possibly even you.



#whyicarry — I don’t carry a concealed weapon every day. I don’t carry everywhere. Some people say if you are going to carry you should always carry. Some people say you should never carry. The thing about it is that it is an individual right and responsibility. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I don’t carry for you. Nobody dictates the way in which I protect myself and my family. I carry whenever I feel I can and should. I will live in peace with everyone, but if somebody violates that right for us to live in peace and is a threat to me or my family, what choice do I have but to act? I spent years as an Army Medic. I found I was pretty good at soldiering, but I chose to be there to help people. With the Air Force, I chose to do Emergency Management. It’s a cool job, but it’s not as cool as sending an artillery shell fifteen miles away with one meter accuracy, but I chose it because it is where I feel I can make the most difference. The threats I see are unconventional, and I train to address those. What I love most is my family. My decisions and my actions are based on what is best for them. There is no other person or entity on earth that can decide what is best for us better than we can. I am a free, sovereign individual with a right and responsibility to myself and my family, and that is #whyicarry and that is why I act.



I carry because I value my life and the lives of my loved ones. We can’t rely on the state to keep us safe. Evil exists, and to deny that is willful ignorance. And...because I don’t need your permission.



 This right here, these are the reasons I carry. I would defend this with everything I have in me. The world is a crazy place, and people do crazy things. Anyone motivated enough, to do harm to others, will find a way. If the day ever came, where someone wanted to harm that which is most precious to me, then I don’t want to wait on someone else to respond to the threat. Over the next few days there may be other stories about why someone chooses to carry, my family is the reason I choose to do so. #whyicarry



Why I carry.....
I carry because it is a constitutional right to do so. I carry to protect myself and family from any type of aggression or action that would kill, harm or stop us from living. I carry to protect my family and self from any foreign or domestic criminals or anyone that intends harm upon my country and freedom in any manner and preserve America and it’s constitution as it was and is intended by the founding fathers of the United States of America.



 I carry because responsible gun owners stop criminal gun owners. Guns save lives in the right hands.



I carry because it's my right as an American also to protect my family and myself. And there's many more reasons but that's more than enough



 I carry in hopes I never have to use deadly force. I carry to protect myself and those around me. I DONT carry for self confidence, I'm confident alone in my hand to hand skills from years of martial arts. BUT, the best option for deterring evil violence, is good people skilled in violence. The difference is in the heart, the person's discipline and respect for life.