Lost Nation Series: Detriment

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A nation wide blackout cripples America, forever changing it as we know it.  By time the power comes back on, millions have lost their lives and those who survived find themselves in a third world country, occupied by foreign nationals.  Detriment is book one in the three book Lost Nation Series, which follows a group of survivors who, despite their difference, unite to restore the America they knew and loved. 



All three of Christoff’s books have been published under the label Ohana Books Publishing, a company founded by Christoff. Christoff was born on a US Air Base in Bitburg Germany, Christoff found his love and passion of American and US Military history early in life through the influence of his father, a US Air Force NCO. Christoff attributes his father as always pushing him to learn and become a better man, which motivated him to complete a college degree. Christoff graduated from Arizona State University with Honors, Sigma Cum Laude, with a BIS degree in Business & Economics along with a Minor in US History. Christoff's love of writing and storytelling also began at a young age, and after completing his degree he aspired to become a published writer. Current socio-political controversies inspired the ideas and direction of the Lost Nation series. Christoff and his wife live in Mesa Arizona with their four wonderful kids, two boys and two girls, and their dog, Stitch.