Custom Paracord Slings

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Here you can create your own custom sling. Some colors may not always be available so if a color isnt available we will contact you to let you know. As soon as your sling is ready it will be shipped promptly out to you. These slings are not lacking in quality and it will be well worth the wait to get exactly what you want. Each sling takes 4-5 hours to produce by the best, most experienced sling makers.

Our custom paracord slings come in a feature that others may be lacking. All of our slings have a single point, and multi-point option, the HK clips used and the D ring help make the transition from a single point style, to multi-point style in a matter of seconds. Why paracord, you might ask? The answer is simple, its a lot more comfortable than a standard nylon strap style sling from other vendors, Paracord also has so many different uses, and is extremely durable, rated up to 550 lbs the options for use is endless, especially for only weighing in at 6.5 - 8 ounces for the total weight for the sling. Another unique feature is its custom to you, have an awesome rifle and want to match your sling to it? Well now you can, with our paracord slings the color options are endless!


  • Small 38" + 5" Total length 43"'
  • Medium 42" + 5" Total length 47"
  • Large 46" + 5" Total length 51"
  • XL 50" + 5" Total length 55"

The Sling measurements shown are based off of the Single Point, loop portion, that goes around your shoulder/chest region, we then add an additional 5" to the tail end of the sling that attaches to the rifle/shotgun. 

If you need help on sizing please do not hesitate to ask, we like to get you the product you want in the size you need! If you feel none of these sizes will work for you please ADD A NOTE upon placing your order!

More Colors Are Availible If you would like the complete list of colors contact us through our "Contact us" Page